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I journey in the world as an eclectic mix of boho hippie, spirited rebel and regular Kiwi gal with a 'can-do’ attitude...

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Coming from a very traditional and stable 1960's Kiwi upbringing I am the youngest born of 5 children. Both my parents were amazing role models.


My father was captured in the Battle of Crete in the Second World War, remaining a prisoner of war until it ended in 1945. Seeing and experiencing horrors we can't imagine in our modern Western world, and also experiencing a physically debilitating accident in his early 50's, he showed us all what strength and resilience was. 


My mother was a nurse aid, working night shift at the local hospital and especially loved looking after the 'oldies' as she called them. She taught us compassion and caring for others in need.


Our family has known more than its fair share of hardship and adversity, but through our parents showing the way through those challenging times, we have all come to know strength and we all have a determination that is unwavering.

My own life-changing catalyst arrived unannounced and unwelcome at the young age of 29, when I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure (Premature Menopause). This diagnosis set me on my journey, delving deep into the mental and emotional, the physical and the spiritual. Finding meaning became my mission - Why? Why had this happened? And the even bigger question - why was I here?

The consequence of that diagnosis at such a young age was also going to impact my long-term health. Looking after my heart and bones became paramount if I wanted to live a long, healthy life. This guided me to become interested in natural health and well being.

As the twists and turns of life and synchronistic meetings came along I found myself being attuned to Reiki and then a few years down the track was introduced to Bowen therapy, where I then spent 12 months in training to become a qualified practitioner (at the same time still holding down my full time office admin/finance job).

Bowen then led to massage training, that then led to holistic pulsing, reflexology, Hawaiian hot stone massage and more recently, Bodhypnosis. I’ve been blessed to have had the top tutors in their field while attending training's in New Zealand, Australia and Bali. Whew, what a journey! And I love it. I love helping people go from pain and stress to ease and peace.

A curious seeker, wanderluster and creative, I am passionate about travel and making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. I have been co-sponsoring a brother and sister in Bali for over a decade, helping change the cycle of poverty within their family. Never thinking I would be a mother in this lifetime, these two young adults are now very much part of my inner maternal landscape and deeply embedded in my heart, along with their beautiful Island of the Gods which is my soul home.

My first memoir (yes, there is a sequel brewing) was published in May 2023 (exciting to be birthing this after a 12 year labour!) and tells the story of how I came to have this experience.

I’m currently a digital nomad with an online business I can do from anywhere - an intuitive-creative, I design bespoke websites under my brand – Wanderlust Design.


With travel and adventure making my spirit sing, in 2013 I set out to create a lifestyle that meant my earning ability was not location dependent. This dream was set to take flight in 2020, the plan being to live and work in Bali 6 months and New Zealand 6 months (or travel elsewhere if I wished). But we all know what happened in 2020! I was 56 then, and life is getting shorter by the minute, so, needless to say there has been a lot of resentment to work through that my dream was scuttled by something completely out of my control. But the phoenix rises from the ashes and a lot of good has come from the situation. 

I am currently based in beautiful Tauranga, New Zealand, with pristine beaches and nature on my doorstep. Sun, sea and sand are my happy place. I don't live a 'traditional' lifestyle in that I don't have a home of my own - I house sit other people's and look after their feline babies (yes, crazy cat lady!). I have come to be comfortable with the 'unknown'. Each day is different, each week is different. I like it.

Always learning and growing, I have reinvented myself many times over the years, and know only too well that successful change is an inside job. I now use my experience to support and encourage others to follow their dreams, with a deep passion to help young women who are unfortunate to find themselves on the early menopause journey.

Welcome to my world. I thank you for sharing this wonderful adventure with me. Wishing you strength, courage, wisdom and fulfilment.

Paula Johnson
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