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National park

Let's Write in the Trees

Taupo NZ, 7-9 june 2024

Only 6 places available!

Get in quick - bookings close Friday 17 May 2024!

See below for details

Have you ever been told, 'You should write a book'?

Do you KNOW you want to write a book; a memoir (part of your life) to inspire others, or to share with your children?

Imagine... having the dedicated time and space to start! No distractions from family or other obligations. Just you, your pen and paper (or laptop) and the company of committed fellow writers by your side.

Don't know where to start? We've got you covered!

In this hands-on retreat Paula and Jude will nourish and guide you on your journey to getting your story(ies) down on paper (or into your laptop).

Both seasoned scribes in their own right, they will help you on your way and tease you out the other side of writers block or overwhelm.

On this retreat you will learn, have fun, connect, and most of all, make progress on your writing project!


Meet Your Hosts

Retreat Overview

Our Accommodation

Booking Details


Dates don't work? We'll be hosting more, so to be kept in the loop subscribe to my newsletter.

(this is a general overview and may change depending on attendees requirements and how things flow)

Friday 7th

Arrive by 3.00pm and settle in

3.30pm Official welcome over a cuppa and cake

4.30-5.30pm Where to start with Paula

5.30pm Writing warm up with Jude

6.00pm Free time / write

7.00pm Divine dinner

8.30pm Questions / closing circle

Saturday 8th

7.30-9.00am Yummy breakfast

9.00-9.30am Opening circle, intentions for the day

9.30-10.00am Workshop with Paula

10.00-10.30am Writing warm up with Jude

10.30am-12.30pm Grab a cuppa and write!

12.30-1.30pm - Nourishing lunch

1.30-3.30pm Write

3.30pm Cuppa & share

5.00-6.45pm Write some more

7.00pm Delicious dinner

8.30pm Questions / closing circle

Sunday 9th

7.30-9am Yummy breakfast

9.00am Opening circle / Q&A

10.00am Writing warm up with Jude

10.30am-12.30pm Grab a cuppa and write!

12.30-1.30pm Nourishing lunch

1.30-3.00pm Share & closing circle

3.00pm Depart


Hi, I'm Paula. A seeker, and a creative, I live an unconventional life as a wanderlusting website designer based in Tauranga, New Zealand.


I started my official writing journey as a blogger in 2011 while documenting my life-changing 5-month experience volunteer teaching underprivileged children in Bali.

Having written chapters in two collaborative books, and now being an author in my own right with the recent self-publication of my memoir, Silent Warrior – Transformation, I have gathered a wealth of experience as to what works, what doesn't, and what the pitfalls are to look out for. I've learnt the hard way, but that doesn't mean you have to!

Armed with the knowledge I've gained on this journey, I'm excited to share what I've learnt with you and to help you navigate overwhelm which can keep you stuck and not making progress. I know what works, because I've done it myself.

Having previously hosted writing retreats in Bali, I'm excited to bring this collaboration with Jude to our home country.

HI. I am Jude and I HAVEN'T started my official writing career.....YET.


I LOVE this three letter word. It speaks of opportunity, learning, hope, trust, and growth. It's future focused and LOADED: I can't do this....yet I don't know this....yet I'm not good at this....yet.


The drafts for my three children's books were written in Bali at a writer'sretreat led by Paula.I haven't published them....YET, but I will in 2024. I haven't started my memoir....YET, but I will start that in 2024, at our retreat Write In The Trees.


I am a teacher by experience and by heart. I teach literacy, with a passion. And, I am a shadow writer, directing most of my energy towards drawing beautiful, creative, apt and inspiring words out of others. I let them see that YET is just around the corner.


When we write together In The Trees, I trust I can facilitate your writing journey. And, in the joyous process of writing, we will collectively make YET our friend.


Set amongst the natural backdrop of trees and bush, In The Trees is the perfect setting to feel cocooned and nurtured during your writing time.

With plenty of writing spaces, In The Trees will have your heart immersed in our sacred space as soon as you walk in the door. 

5 bedrooms (6 beds) are available on a first-in-first-served basis. One room features twin singles if you wish to bring a friend. There are 2 shared bathrooms and plenty of lounge space.


There are 2 options:

1. Full, all-inclusive Retreat

2. 2-Day rate (if you are a Taupo local or have alternative accommodation)


Full all-inclusive Retreat is just $680.00!

This includes:

  • Your fully serviced accommodation

  • All meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) and snacks

  • Interactive workshops, guidance and tuition from two experienced writers

  • Plenty of writing time to dedicate to your project


2-Day rate is just $385.00!

This includes:

  • All meals (Lunch & Dinner) and snacks

  • Interactive workshops, guidance and tuition from two experienced writers

  • Plenty of writing time to dedicate to your project

Places are limited to 6 participants so booking is essential.

A $150 non-refundable deposit is required by Friday 17 May to secure your place, with the balance payable by Friday 31 May 2024.

Should you be unable to attend after paying your balance, your payment will be held in credit for future events held by Paula or Jude. 

We will send you a questionnaire to complete before attending so we know what stage you are at on your writing journey and can tailor the retreat to suit.

Dates don't work? We will be hosting more so to be kept in the loop, subscribe to my newsletter

Having hosted writing retreats in Bali previously, the emphasis is on WRITING. YOUR writing. Yes, we will have some warm-up exercises to get you in the flow, and other guidance along the way, but this is your dedicated time to work on your project.


Wooden table and chairs in garden


Paula and Jude created and held us in a safe space where ideas, words and sometimes tears flowed. We laughed more than I can remember laughing for a long time. My confidence has grown a thousand fold - yes I have a story to tell, and I found my way to the story and how to tell it.

The beautiful home where we stayed, our comfortable beds and the yummiest food kept us physically in bliss and our minds were nourished with insightful workshops, wonderful warmups and great feedback.

Thank you both, this weekend is pivotal in my writing life and I have come to know myself in a new way.


Thank you Paula and Jude. your wirting retreat has given me the tools and the belief that my dream of being a writer and publishing a book has become a reality for me.

Holding space for me to ask many questions, cry and express all the feels, meant I felt safe in such an unfamiliar environment.

You are both uplifting and inspirational in your own rights and I look forward to attending your retreat again.

If you want to see the value you get from attending one of my retreats, check out these videos from Bali 2016 (yes that's Jude in there, she was an attendee.)

But wait, there's more!
I'm also planning
international writing retreats

Imagine having dedicated, and guided time for your special writing project in one of the most stunning places in the world. I'll not only be your tour guide, I'll be your writing mentor to help get you started and keep you on track!

I know and love Bali and Vietnam well, and I'm heading to Thailand mid-year to suss that out.

So this year I will be focusing on where and when to host writing retreats in Southeast Asia in 2025.

Air New Zealand usually release specials in January, so I will be honing these retreats later in the year

so we can hit the ground running and grab the specials when they come up. 

So join my list and you'll be the FIRST to find out where and when in 2025!

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