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Turn Writing Into A Ritual

One thing I've learnt over the years, is that by turning WRITING into a RITUAL it's a lot easier to get your bum in the chair to actually get something done.

I MAKE TIME. I make a date with myself, my pen and my paper. I promise I will write for a MINIMUM of 15 minutes. 15 minutes is doable. And more often than not, 15 minutes turns into 30 or 60... There's a great sense of satisfaction when I stop. I know I've made progress, even if it is only a baby step, it's still better than doing nothing at all.

To help me on my writing date, I light incense. It reminds me of Bali... takes me to my happy place and grounds me. I get present with the aroma, I let my mind drift, and then the words come. I also have my coffee beside me, taking a sip when I need a moment to catch my next thought or memory that wants to come through.

I prefer to write with pen and paper. It can be hard though - as the thoughts flow you can't write quick enough sometimes. But it feels more connecting to my deeper layers and memories than typing out on a keyboard. Which brings me to the next point - do what works for YOU - if tapping on a device is your jam, go for it!

Because I house sit, I have a fluid writing space. Sometimes it's outside where I can enjoy a gorgeous view, sometimes it's sitting on my bed in the back of my van looking at the sea, sometimes it's in a cafe where I immerse myself in the energy of people talking and the intoxicating aroma of coffee surrounding me

If you want to write a book, you have to start somewhere. And you have to keep the process going day after day, week after week. There can be stops and starts along the way (I know all about those!) But so long as you pick up that pen and paper (or laptop) again, you are still making progress.

If you want some serious dedicated time to get into your writing project once and for all, then then check out my RETREATS page for upcoming Writing Retreats.

Happy writing!


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