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Publishing a Book is Like Running a Marathon

"Slowing down your pace is the single best way to run longer without stopping. Rather than focusing on your pace at all, focus on your effort level." (from

I've wondered why I've hit the wall today... thinking it was because I've had a super busy few weeks juggling work and getting my book to the next stage... this last week being particularly hard out.

Then I realised... I've just today sent my baby off to the PROOF READER (another massive milestone reached). The amount of effort I've been putting into this project is now showing in my body. I'm hard out getting this done for my launch deadline (haven't announced that yet but it's in my diary and you'll hear about that soon!). I'm running a freaking MARATHON here and the pace is increasing as I'm getting closer to the finish line.

Writing a book is one thing, editing it 10,000 times is another (it feels like that many) and actually publishing it is a whole other ballgame.

But I'm enjoying the process... learning heaps... learning what I don't know and groaning that this will never finish and there's still more work to do... all the while time is condensing.

The finish line IS imminent. I can feel the tape reaching out for me to push through...

So watch this space:



PRE SALE coming


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