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Numerology - The magic of Numbers

11.11.22. A powerful numerology day. It's also the 11 year anniversary of one of the most potent and powerful times of my life. It will be forefront in my mind all day today, wishing I had a time machine to zoom straight back there...

11.11.11. I was participating in a self development workshop in Bali with my dear Bali brother Rick Pursell facilitating his wisdom. It was at the end of a five month journey where I had been living in Bali with my partner at the time, volunteer teaching in a small fishing village on the dry east coast of the island. The fishing village where Yogi lived. That's why we were there. To help the kids and to step into a life less ordinary for a while. To say that journey was a life changer is an understatement and the ending of that time with Rick's Heart Mastery workshop was perfection. I remember that time with such love in my heart. Of course, I write about all this in my memoir (yes it's still in the pipeline!)

Here's the snippet from my book, of that day 11 years ago:

It was mid-morning on our last day, and we had just watched a very moving video about courage. We were having our break before getting into the inner practical work and I stood off to one side, away from the others, my mind in a time-warp replaying the last five months in Bali.

The hugeness of the experience of these months suddenly hit me - the moments in time that collided together within me right then and there, leaving me feeling like I had never felt before. My heart had cracked open so wide I felt nothing but deep gratitude and love. All the things I had endured to lead me to this moment in time had given me my Heart Mastery. I was now living it. Over the past five months, I had been living what Rick was teaching us. But inside I was torn. How could I leave all this? How could I go back to life in New Zealand now? I was not the same person anymore. I had transformed on such a deep level, there was no going back to the person I was. She had gone.

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