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No Mud...No Lotus

Sometimes this world is too harsh for those of us who are sensitive and empathic. But we’re here for a reason. We’re here to soften the sharp edges of the world. We’re here to light up the darkness of the world. Quite often, over the past few weeks I’ve been haemorrhaging anger at the Universe, at God, whatever you want to call it, saying, ‘I didn’t sign up for this!’ ‘Why am I here?’ ‘This isn’t how my life is meant to be!’ But I realise this IS why I’m here. To be the sensitive, empathic soul who shines light for others...

This time last week I was a complete and utter train wreck. My mind and emotions were caught up in such sadness and grief, overwhelm, frustration and anger. Down on my knees, gathering up the broken pieces of myself like shards of glass, I did something I don't do that often...

In my desperation I reached out, putting a post on Facebook about how all I really wanted was a real hug. There's nothing like a real hug. The comfort of being held while you fall apart.

And what I got back from that public posting of vulnerability, was an incredible influx of love, support, and generosity from others who understood. Bit by bit the rabbit hole of darkness started to clear, and lightness started to come back.

After a conversation with a particular soul sister who I hold in very high regard, for the highly evolved spirit that she is, we had an amazing conversation and I got clear. I got really clear on the bigger picture, how I was perceiving everything and what I needed to do to change that perception.

Just one week later, after outpourings of love and support and amazing conversations I feel my heart opening again. I feel hope. I feel the light coming back. And I know what I would rather feel – how I’m feeling now rather than how I was feeling last week!

And then yesterday, to top it all off, I got an incredible GIFT from an amazing, evolved brother I hold dear to my heart. Rick Pursell is an incredible soul, full of so much wisdom and deep, deep love for humanity.

He sent me this video…

It blew me away. I watched and listened, tears streaming down my face, resonating so strongly with what he was saying. I got it. He was talking straight to my heart. My heart felt that resonance and blossomed even more.

But I was also deeply touched by witnessing the beauty of my sacred home, Bali. Where my heart longs to be and can’t (just now). That GIFT that Rick sent me, cemented how I need to keep living. How I need to keep thinking. How I need to keep shining. To be a lighthouse for others so we can walk this path together…differently.

And just as a beautiful lotus flower blooms from the dark depths of a mud-filled pond...I'll take my sensitivity as a blessing, thanks...


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