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Jumping to Conclusions

I've had a good lesson in jumping to conclusions and assuming this week.

I’ve been staying a small hotel in Ubud that I've not been at before. As with many places you select to stay, the photos online often don't match the reality. At first glance I was disappointed, but once I had settled into my new surroundings, it was fine. The bonus being it was central to town and easy walking distance to most of the places I wanted to go.

Change The Way You Look At Things And The Things You Look At Change.

Wayne Dyer

Ganesha reading a book

My room was on the 3rd floor at the front, a corner room with sweeping views over Ubud town. It was light and airy with a small balcony. The bathroom was basic, but it served its purpose.

The best part - the breakfasts are amazing! Cooked by two young men, they could get jobs in any café. With the choice of French Toast (my fav), Fried Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, or Omelette. Added to that is fresh fruit or juice (not watered down I might add) and strong Bali coffee (I always get a 2nd cup), all is delicious, good quality, and filling.

When I extended my stay by another three days, I had to move rooms. I was disappointed as I liked my perch high up on the corner where I had a birds-eye view. When they told me where I was moving to, I thought, ‘Oh great, they’re putting me in the dungeon.’ The room was down the back of the property by the small swimming pool, and from the outside it looked very dark and uninviting. It's peak season and they are full, so there was no other option. It would be ok for three days and I couldn’t be bothered finding somewhere else. Plus, with those amazing breakfasts and accommodating staff I wanted to stay anyway.

So, I moved rooms. Saying goodbye to my lofty apartment, I moved down the back. Yes, the entranceway was dark and dreary but when I went into the room I was impressed. It’s actually an upgrade – with a much bigger and better bathroom, a tv (not that I watch it), a fridge (yay!), and big queen bed (instead of two singles pushed together).

And an even bigger bonus - I went for a nosey outside my new surrounds and found there’s a little massage place right next door! Like literally - it backs onto my room. OMG, I wish I had of known that was there when I arrived, my back so could have done with that right on my doorstep. So, this afternoon, it felt rather luxurious to walk from my bedroom to my massage right next door. It’s a lovely clean, quiet space with just me and the therapist in the room. No other customers or therapists around talking beside me (many massage places have only curtains dividing client spaces). It was bliss. I've now found my new favourite massage place in Ubud!

So, the dungeon perspective I had in my mind prior to moving was totally unfounded and I’m actually very happy in my new pad. LESSON LEARNT – until you know the full details, don’t assume. It just makes an ASS out of U and ME!

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