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Gone Too Soon

On 24 January 2019 our planet lost a precious human being as a very special soul sister took her last breath and departed on a new journey into another realm.

B came for a visit late October 2018 and I was privileged to treat her to a session of the amazing new Bodhypnosis technique I’d recently learned in Bali. Oh what a special moment in time that was and one that I now treasure dearly. She mentioned that ‘something wasn’t right’ and that she was going for some tests but she looked perfectly healthy and vibrant as always and gave me her signature beautiful hug and warm wide sparkling smile as she left. That was to be the last time I saw her.

On 5 December 2018 she put a post on her Facebook page:

“A few weeks ago I was told I have stage 4 renal cancer...I am still coming to terms with this. Already I'm mourning the loss of my ability to swim in the sea, lakes and streams, to walk and breathe in the beauty of the New Zealand bush, to dance to the music...using every physical part of me to express my joy in the beauty of nature and life. I have no fear of death as I know the beauty of it and the shifting into a glorious dimension. My sadness stems from leaving my beautiful sons, my family and my friends.”

I was shocked and just couldn’t believe it (no one could). How could this vibrant, gorgeous, giving, loving, open hearted amazing healer have cancer? And a cancer that was now so advanced there was nothing to be done?

I grieved the news that this beautiful soul sister was having her life cut short when she had so much more to give, so much more to LIVE, it just wasn’t fair! Why do the good die young? We have prisons full of murderers, rapists and child abusers who are of no positive contribution to society and yet here, another incredible human being is being taken from us way too soon – it makes no sense!

On 24 December she posted again:

“I cry slow dripping tears of sadness for all the things I’d planned to do in the year ahead. I recognize now how this was meant to be, everything was cashed up (ready to buy a piece of land), I had done a massive sort out of my “stuff”, and the first time I had an inkling that anything might be wrong with my health was a week before my job at the mountain ended. Coincidence? I think not. I was even able to rent a lovely wee house in a time where there are no rentals available at all. I have so much to be grateful for. Hospice nurses are incredible…angels in human form. I am so fortunate. Finally, I wish you all a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends. Forget about presents, give your loved ones “your presence”, your laughter, share memories and tell them often how much they mean to you.”

We live in a material society of MORE and BIGGER and NEW. But really, isn’t life about QUALITY TIME with your kids, spouse, family, friends…having EXPERIENCES and making precious MEMORIES? Isn’t it about becoming the best version of yourself, a kinder, more rounded you that isn’t driven and stressed all the time?

What’s the meaning of life? Why are we here?

God knows I’ve asked myself the question “Why am I here?” enough times. Sometimes I think I have the answer and then other times I just shake my head in complete confusion. And then the news that an amazing soul who had so much still to give to the world is taken way too soon…It. Just. Makes. No. Sense.

On 14 January B had a ride in a helicopter with her pilot son and wrote another post:

“After a lifetime of never drinking alcohol, coffee, non-smoker, no drugs, eating healthily, thinking positive thoughts, appreciating everything, continually working on myself and being kind, I have come to the conclusion that there just doesn’t appear to be any reason, physically or mentally why this should happen to me other than this is perhaps a spiritual thing. Maybe it’s something I signed up for before I was born. I ask my guides and all I get back from them is that I am a teacher. The only way I can see how to teach now is to continue to share my journey with you in the hope that someone learns something from this. For me, I’m still being the best that I can be….apart from denying myself…..I now enjoy everything I eat…whether it is supposedly good for me or not. If it’s yummy…I eat it!”

10 days later she was gone.

7 months prior she was the picture of vitality and health and having a ball in Bali, 5 months prior she was biking through beautiful bush clad tracks in the middle of our North island. Now she’s gone.

B has been a huge inspiration to me over the very short time I’ve known her (only 6 years). She was a beautiful gypsy soul in her early 60’s, travelling from place to place in her kitted out mini van, working here and there, doing readings (she was an amazing channeler) , being a chef, working on the ski slopes. She was amazing. She loved life and she LIVED it.

B I didn’t know you for long but I connected with you on a deep level and I admired you so very much. You ARE a teacher, an amazing teacher of life, of following your dreams and I intend to honour you every day of mine by holding true to myself and to keep following my dreams…life is just too short not to.

In loving memory of a very dear soul sister, taken too soon…


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