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2020 Reflections

This is me...

Burning 2020

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been MASSIVE for everyone. Little did I know, that in January when I declared to the Universe “I’m coming out”, that it would send me opportunities to do just that! And I’ve totally embraced those opportunities, which have led me down such an incredible path of inner growth and expansion, it leaves me in awe to be honest.

It started in February when Donna Campisi invited me to be one of 10 authors in her collaborative book CHANGE is not a Scary Word. It’s hard to believe that this inspiring book is now birthed out into the world and is already changing lives…exactly how we hoped it would. The learnings and growth I received from being part of this collaboration has been HUGE. Not only am I a published author, but I’ve been interviewed on 3 podcasts (so far), which initially was quite scary, but which now I enjoy. The whole process has been my training wheels for my journey into 2021 and I’m so incredibly grateful, 1. For the opportunity, and 2. That I said YES!

And who would have thought that a FUN professional photoshoot in August for Charmaine ‘s 40 over 40+ project would see me up level even more. The photography was the easy part, the video was a lot more daunting. Charmaine sent me the video yesterday to check it out before posting on social media. Seeing the video for the very first time touched me deeply. I FINALLY SAW WHAT OTHERS SEE, and it hit me how much I have grown this year in particular.

You see, what you see on the outside is not always how I feel on the inside. My self-belief can be shaky, my worthiness hiding in the corner, and I live life pushing myself to my absolute limit because I can no longer tolerate being kept in the ‘box’. I fight every single day to stop going back there. It’s exhausting at times, but I’m following my dreams, and that’s not negotiable.

When I saw my video, my heart burst open to myself. I saw a woman who is strong, who is compassionate, who has wisdom to share, and at her very core just wants to shine her light in the hope it helps others…so it’s not so hard for them…as it has been for her.

The ½ clothed images Charmaine took were originally meant just for me…I didn’t want them on social media, but when I see them in context in the beautiful video Charmaine created, they totally capture the essence of me…fun loving, playful, owning my shit…and I love what I see.

From one of my favourite movies (The Greatest Showman):

I am brave, I am bruised I am who I'm meant to be, this is me Look out 'cause here I come And I'm marching on to the beat I drum I'm not scared to be seen I make no apologies, THIS IS ME

And I’ve come out…


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