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Paula Johnson
Apr 03, 2022
In Week 11 - 2.4.22
It's "legs 11" week! Wow, I'm showing my age now case you don't know, "legs 11" is what they say in bingo when #11 is called. Back in the '90's bingo was all the rage, and it wasn't just for the oldies, it's actually a lot of fun, especially when you get all the numbers ticked off and call out BINGO!!!...aahhh when life was simple ay. PHOTO: Precious We all know life is about experiences, not 'things', but we DO form attachments with our material possessions for whatever reason. This weeks image is directly linked to the topic below - take a photo of your precious object and share with us. JOURNAL PROMPT: Consider an Object What is a material object that you value highly and how did it come into your life? Why is it so precious to you?
WEEK 11 - PRECIOUS & OBJECT content media
Paula Johnson
Feb 04, 2022
In Week 3 - 5.2.22
I'm loving the wonderful images, posts and comments of those of you who are engaging fully in the Forum - thank you for supporting this, and well done! This week's topic will hopefully see a few more step up to the plate and join in the fun... PHOTO: Hiding I can't wait to see what comes forth from this :). Are you hiding? What are you hiding from? Maybe someone or something else is hiding? Have fun with this one! JOURNAL PROMPT: Fear F.E.A.R. - False Evidence Appearing Real. Unless we are in a life-threatening situation, most of our fear is ungrounded and totally in our mind. But it can be so hard to push through it to the other side. Why is that? Why do we make it so hard for ourselves? What is something you're afraid to do? What's challenging you at the moment, and what's holding you back from doing it? Does this quote resonate with you: "The fears we don't face become our limits." - Jim Kwik. Think back to a past time that challenged you, that you were in fear over...did you push through? What was the outcome? How did you feel? Please share something you have fear around at the moment, and how you think you can overcome it. REMEMBER - post your image first and your wording second.
WEEK 3 - HIDING & FEAR content media
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