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Paula Johnson


I am a huge believer in synchronicity and the part it plays in our life journey. Hence I have a few stories to tell about how I have ended up living such an eclectic life with multiple passions in my late-50's.

My mission is to empower others to reach beyond their perceived limitations and live outside of the box.

Plus, I have a story (or two) to share... 



New Zealand – December 2011


Dear Yogi, I’m a firm believer in fate. In something bigger than ourselves that guides our lives to meet certain people at certain times, forging experiences that lead us to our destiny. I believe with all my heart that we were destined to meet. To become such an intricate part of each other’s being that we could perceive life no other way.

     How is it, that a childless 46-year-old woman from New Zealand, could meet and then love so deeply an 11-year-old boy from a small fishing village in Bali? I can’t logically explain fate or destiny, but I can explain the journey that led me to you.   

When my life fell apart – newly separated, depressed, and post-menopausal at age 30, I had no inkling of the incredible voyage of discovery to come.

     My diagnosis of premature ovarian failure (POF) just one year earlier, at the age of 29, was a shock to say the least. You may wonder what the big deal is - it’s just menopause, a natural part of a woman’s bodily changes. And yes, that’s true - but not when it happens 20 years earlier than it should. It is very much a life-changer on many levels, and initially, not in a good way. 

     Early menopause was my catalyst. Death, growth, and transformation is the journey I took to you. Let’s begin…

Silent Warrior Cover

This memoir has been over 11 years in the making.


I'm still working on the cover design and final details but after a very long labour, this baby will be birthed April 2023!


If you would like to be the FIRST TO KNOW what's happening click the button below...

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I believe synchronicity's are nudges from the Universe, and if we are open to feeling them (intuition) and then following them with our heart (our head will stop us) life can be an amazing unfoldment of opportunities and experiences. I know - that's how I've been living my life for the past two decades.


I was born an adventurous spirit - always seeking, exploring, creating and dreaming through my vivid imagination as a child. 

Fast forward to the age of 29 where a life- changing event held me in emotional turmoil for four  months, leaving my body so stressed it sent me into premature ovarian failure (early menopause).

The change of life coming way too early and changing everything, was the catalyst for my journey to live life 'outside the box'. It's not been an easy journey, and it certainly hasn't been pretty at times, but the amazing people I've met and the wonderous experiences I've had, well, that's where the magic is.

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I am hugely humbled to have been asked to author a chapter in each of these amazing books. Plus I have my own memoir due to be published April 2023. If you would like to be kept up-to-date with progress please register here.


CHANGE is not a Scary Word book cover
Stories From the Ridiculous to the Sublime
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Wanderlust: A strong desire or impulse to travel & explore the world

I started my travelling journey quite late in life. I was 31 before I left my home shores of New Zealand on my first experience of overseas travel. Travelling alone, I did three months of Contiki tours, encompassing 5 weeks around Europe, 10 days in Britain and Southern Ireland, a week in Egypt and 3 days in Canada. This was more than enough to have the travel bug burrow its way deep into my soul. 

There was a large gap of 15-odd years after that amazing time in which I only managed to get to nearby Australia for a couple of holiday's. Then things got really interesting when I had the opportunity to accompany a friend to Vietnam, Cambodia and Bali on a 7 week whirlwind trip.


Needless to say those 7 weeks opened my eyes, my heart and my soul to even greater depths of experience which changed my life forever (you can read about it all in my upcoming memoir. 

Travel feeds my soul like nothing else. To experience that gorgeous feeling of waking up somewhere new and unknown; exploring new cultures and landscapes; developing wonderful connections and lasting friendships with people from all walks of life; for me, this is one of life's greatest treasures. 


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